v i s t a mentoring: The University of Sheffield’s online e-mentoring resource for careers beyond academia

If you are a PhD student, or research associate at the University of Sheffield, you can sign up to the v i s t a mentoring portal free of charge.

Here, you can browse the many profiles of PhD graduates who have succeeded in careers outside the academy, gaining ideas an inspiration for your future career. You can also gain expert advice and support for your development by selecting a mentor to work with on a one-to-one basis. Emailing, Skype chats, or meeting face to face with a mentor can help you understand how you would fit into different roles, and what practical steps you can take now to prepare.

If you have a PhD and now work outside the academic environment, you are exactly the type of person who would make a great v i s t a mentor!

Creating a mentor profile allows current researchers at the University of Sheffield to connect with you to discuss their future career within a mentoring relationship. Sharing your work experiences, practical expertise and insider knowledge will provide a rich career development opportunity for all involved. Mentors receive an induction through the portal sign up process, access to training materials and mentoring guidance, and full mentor support is provided. You have full control over your availability, and who to accept as a mentee.

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